Living Florida History

Barberville Pioneer Settlement in Eastern Central Florida is a great getaway if you like to step back in time. In some ways, we can say the old days were “simpler”. But perspective matters. Hard work was certainly an critical thread in the fabric of pioneer life.

Visitors can enjoy monthly events on weekends, or browse the grounds during normal visiting hours.


Autumn Birthday Celebration

Our favorite time of the year kicks off with our daughter’s birthday in October. We keep birthdays simple with just a few decorations and the cupcake flavor of her choice. Target had the wooden oval banner pieces in their dollar section so I just printed letters and glued them on. I also added letters to some leftover burlap. The leaves are also from Target. The highlight was SMORE’S cupcakes, which were so yummy.

I used the cupcake recipe from here but instead of making the meringue topping, I made marshmallow cream from Alton Brown’s recipe. As soon as the concoction was whipped thick, I put it in a plastic bag and piped it onto each cupcake. A quick torching browned them nicely.